Karli Spahr - Home Mortgage Loans, Oakdale, MN, Home Mortgage Loan Services Oakdale, MN

Karli Spahr Portrait - Home Mortgage Loans, Oakdale, MN, Home Mortgage Loan Services Oakdale, MN


She will always go the extra mile for all clients, regardless of loan size, credit history, bank account size or even if the client is difficult. Karli knows that most clients don’t have the knowledge needed for financing and need to be given their options and be educated. She prides herself in fighting hard for deals that make sense rather than just passing them off as denied because they are simply going to take a lot of time and energy.

Karli is passionate for what she does, and is HONEST. She will not give false hopes and will not skirt around the truth even if it is hard to take. Getting mortgage financing sometimes takes work on behalf of the buyer before qualifying, and Karli is willing to educate those buyers so they can get from A to B and enjoy the dream of homeownership.

Karli has been in the mortgage industry for more than two decades, and is just as passionate about it as she was when she started. She is very familiar with residential real estate transactions and construction, and is always willing to go the extra mile to help a client with financing their home, which involves being a team player with all parties to the transaction.

If you know of anyone looking to purchase, renovate, build or refinance in Minnesota or Wisconsin, please do not hesitate to have them contact our team. As always, we appreciate your referrals.

Contact us at 651.242.8333 (Minnesota), 920.217.4869 (Wisconsin) or karlis@fairwaymc.com.